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Protection grids for cabs,Arms excavators, Special transformers.

Land movement Protezioni per cabine

Movimentazione terra

Land movement

Costruzioni Meccaniche G&P works in the construction’s sector realizing different components and accessories for all the usual machineries: excavators, diggers, scrapers, cranes, tractors, bulldozer, dumper, shovels, compactors, forklifts.
Especially, we are highly skilled in the production of shovels, buckets, grabs, mechanical arms and crawlers.
Moreover, we perform various types of repairs in very short time, letting the costumer to minimize inconveniences and losses.

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Protezioni per cabine

Protection grids for cabs

For the time being, the protection grids have been realized properly for excavators.
The TOP GUARD is formed by both lateral and back part in reinforced metal sheet, and by front part in flat shaped sheets, reinforced with an average transverse. The FRONT GUARD is a grid made by 4 external frames connected with flat irons, vertical rounded and horizontals.
The protection grids are tested accordingly to the 2° level of the European Law ISO10262, then suitable to assure the maximum protection against rocks, rubble and other medium-large dimension materials, during digging and demolition works.

Of course, the Company is availableat anytime to examine different shapes and applications from the usual ones, according to the buyer’s needs and requirements.

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