GP Costruzioni Meccaniche srl


Private, Hotels and Restaurants

Dumbwaiters, Platform lifts for disabled,
Special lifts,Moving showcase for Jewelries, Panic doors for Banks

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Components for electrical transformers

Frames, Carriages, Shock assorbers

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Equipment for earth moving machines

Protection grids for cabs,Arms excavators, Special transformers.

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Industrial automation/Handling systems

andling systems, Moving showcase for Jewelries, Panic doors for Banks, Equipment on request.

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Components according to customer design, Motor casing, Miscellaneous applications.

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Mechanical Construction G & P SRL is a company that over the years has specialized in light metallic carpentry and heavy . The long experience and close cooperation with an efficient team of engineers and designers enabling the company to offer customers a wide range of customized options, according to his needs, from technical design to the installation of PLCs and related software the electrical control and automation, to test-test.
Upon request, the design is taken care of by the company in every detail, in order to meet all needs, from simple processing under contract for the supply of a product automated “turnkey . ” Reliability, availability, and reliability are elements that from the beginning characterized the work of our metal structural work, and that allow us to enjoy great confidence on the part of all those companies, organizations or private individuals who have had an opportunity to see what is actually important for G & amp; P to live up to his word, the beginning of the negotiation at the time of delivery. A structure covered with more than 1,500 sqm., trained and skilled labor in several business segments, production means and tools for working technologically advanced and constantly updated, always alive the desire to improve themselves and to confront new challenges of its leaders, are all elements that make G & amp; P is a leading company in the engineering sector.

From the customer’s request, comes the new machine


Each production sector has its own needs, and to match every need the right tool.


Precision Carpentry and work “tailored” to the customer.

Handling and delivery

At the request of the customer, and also make sure we take care of the transport phase, with delivery at the customer.


The material is used each time selected according to specific customer requirements and certified in accordance with law from the outset.

Costruzioni Meccaniche G&P srl and Università degli Studi di Perugia

Costruzioni Meccaniche G&P collaborated for years with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Perugia

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