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sistemi movimentazione

Handling systems

Costruzioni Meccaniche G&P is highly specialized for design and building of movement of goods systems.
Our large experience acquired in this field enable us offer to the client a wide range of products designed for the transport and movement of many kind of materials, completing the building process with all the services the customer could need. Only who works with a certificated quality can do that.
1. Planning and design. Upon request of the buyer, we make the most suitable proposals for his needs, in terms of cost and efficiency. Because of our natural flexibility, we are used to consider every single matter as a new challenge, that must be faced with the experience of the past, but with the creativity of those who look to the future.o.
2. Production and test. The production of the components and their building phase -steadily controlled and carefully checked “for millimeter”- are followed by the final test, carried out and certified according to the current rules established by the Law, for quality and security matters.
3. Assistance after sales. Once the system is settled in, it’s our care and guarantee giving the maximum availability and assistance to the customer. Our past clients testimonies represent the best demonstration about that.

Our standard production:
Conveyor belts made out of rubber, plastic and steel;
Conveyor rollers (neutral or motorized);
Chain, wire mesh, slat and magnetic drag conveyors.

Automazione industriale

Industrial automation

Production of basement, supporting structures and other components for automated machines of industrial output.
Our metallic carpentry is able to make even final products and equipments of large dimensions, as we have an handling and loading capacity of more than 6.5 tons.

Feasibility studies and designs tailor made for the customer, even by creating and installing the PLC and the related software to control electrical automatisms.

Bussole anti-rapina per banche

Panic doors for Banks

Structure of iron and steel building for Banks’ security cabs and doors.
Metallic carpentry G&P has a great experience in this field, because over the years projected and realized various shapes and models of panic doors, thinking up the suitable answer to the clients’ special requests, in Italy and abroad.
Our Company is able to offer a wide range of services in this field, too.
From the design studies to the final test to try out the metallic structure resistance (strength test, stress test, etc,) we will execute every step the buyer ask us to do. For that, we have all the necessary to measure the real capacity of the panic door, in extremely accurate way.
Costruzioni Meccaniche G&P assure to its customers a quality warranty of the product at the maximum level in the market. A very important aspect when the matter is Security.

Vetrine mobili per gioiellerie

Moving showcase for Jewelries

European brewed system – License n°1329534

Extremely innovative in its design concept, the moving showcase system keeps the traditional safe boxes’ characters of security and reliability, improving the operative standards of functionality and economy. According to the opinions of our clients, this system lets them to have a larger space in the safety vault and produces a considerable time saving every day, during the jewelry’s opening / closing phase.

he mechanism is very easy. Just press a button of the control panel and the showcase staged -in about 90 seconds- will be drawn (or will get inside) automatically, from the special caveau in reinforced concrete.

For the installation just you need 2 floors overlying or contiguous (one for exhibition, and the other for the safety vault). Moreover, keep into consideration that it is possible to move every kind of furniture, by the control panel.

  • Quickness in the shop opening / closing operations
  • Reduction of the personnel
  • Insurance costs reduction
  • Staging time reduction
  • Higher security , thanks to the caveau automatic blocking system

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