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Dumbwaiters, Platform lifts for disabled,
Special lifts,Moving showcase for Jewelries, Panic doors for Banks

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Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels and Restaurants

Other lifts and dumbwaiters for the carriage of goods on different floors of small to medium sized, designed for catering facilities.
Lifts for the lifting of persons or property. And ‘possible to ask the company estimates inherent in the simple supply of metal components, and solutions “turnkey” inclusive design.
Structures for the management of customer services, normally carried out by hotels or other institutions.

Panic doors for Banks

Panic doors for Banks

Construction and assembly of steel structures and steel bushings and booths security entrance for banks.
Metal framing G & amp; P has extensive experience in this field, having designed and built over the years a number of models and having responded with ideas for solutions to very specific requests of their kind in Italy and beyond.
The company also offers in this area a wide range of services. From the design studios, in fact, until the acceptance tests to test the resistance of the metal (strength tests, stress tests, etc). To this end, we have all the necessary equipment to measure very accurately the real estate of the compass anti-theft.
Mechanical Construction G & amp; P is also at the forefront in offering a guarantee of product quality at the highest level in the market. A key aspect when it comes to safety.

Moving showcase for Jewelries

Moving showcase for Jewelries

Patented in Europe – Patent # 1329534 Highly innovative in its design concept, the system to windows mobile retains the characteristics of safety and reliability of traditional safes, increasing standards of functionality and economy of operation. According to the same testimonials from our customers, the system allows for more space in the room and vault results in significant time savings in the process of opening / closing of jewelry. Operation : It is really simple. Just press a button on the control panel and the window displays -nell’arco about 90 seconds- out (or fall) automatically dall’apposito vault of reinforced concrete. To make the system all you need is 2 rooms above or adjacent (one for exhibition purposes, the other for the vault). E ‘can also handle any type of furniture, through the control panel.
  • Fast for opening / closing the store
  • Reduction of staff
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Reduced setup times
  • Improved safety thanks to automatic locking system of the vault
Shows and Events

Shows and Events

The company’s business G & amp; P also investing in new areas, far precluded as traditional metal structural work.
Our constant search for new ideas has led us to test and develop new techniques, which now put us in a position to design and manufacture various types of structures and -strumentali decorative- to be used in the exhibition industry, urban and advertising.
The photos on this page are just some of the many possible practical applications of our products.
Consider you, we will be happy to help you achieve them!

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