From the customer’s need, the new machinery comes out

From the feasibility preliminary studies to the installation, from the welding phase till the trial test, Costruzioni Meccaniche G&P Est. proposes a wide range of services including all that features -technical, legal and operational- related to your product’s realization.

Availability and customer care mean ability to give the right answer to any kind of request, that is made by who decides to trust our work. The experience and the variety of our manufactures enable us to perform any task the client needs, carrying out every time a special and “tailor made” work.

Handlign and delivery


Any industry’s sector has his own needs, and every need matches the right tool. Most possible efficiency of a production medium can be reached only trough a preliminary study, that is able to keep into consideration the strengths to be exploited and the weaknesses that must be contained instead, at minimal cost.
Our Company is willing to support the customer from the beginning, giving him free initial consultancy with elaboration of the best solutions to achieve the product he desires.
The experience and the ongoing collaboration with an excellent staff of engineers and designers allow us to find quickly the right solution for any kind of requirement.

If you concern a safety metallic covering or an automated mechanism for goods handling, Costruzioni Meccaniche G&P Est. is always ready to think up new ideas to solve the most complicated problems.
Our special licenses for mechanical systems demonstrate the capability of G&P staff to work out totally new solutions, that sometimes are as innovative to be protected by Law.



Precision carpentry and works tailored to the customer .
Raw material is regularly delivered to us by our suppliers and then it is treated according to high standards of quality. Checking and tests are made at every single production phase:

Cutting, Bending and calendering, Piercing, Lathe, Milling, Boring and grinding, Building and installation, Welding, Sandblasting, Varnishing and galvanizing, Electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems installation

Handlign and delivery

Handling and delivery

LOur establishments are provided with mechanical arms, forklifts, cranes and other handling systems, capable to load goods weighing over 6,5 tons each.
Upon customer’s request, we take care about transport and we guarantee it with CIF delivery.



The material that is going to be used, every time is strictly selected according to the special requirements of our client and certified by Law since the origin.
The trial tests are made directly in our factory. Costruzioni Meccaniche G&P Est. is equipped with all the necessaries facilities to carry out the quality test of the products, and it’s entitled to release warranties and certifications in compliance with the European Law.

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Our strength lies in the capability to design and to make special carpentry works with maximum flexibility. You can ask for further information.

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