Who we are

since 2000 with commitment and passion

Seriousness, reliability and vailability

Our History


The origins

Born in 2000, Costruzioni Meccaniche G&P was established and based upon the know-how of both its founding members -Giuliani Manlio and Pizzobello Giorgio-, acquired through previous long careers in the metal’s field, made of commitment and passion.


The following years

have been characterized by progressive enlargement of the Company, both in terms of staff and sectors of activity, even though keeping the original worth -such as fairness, humbleness, responsibility, constant improving willingness and care of the clients’ needs-, those are the daily working “cornerstone” of all of the members G&P.


Nowadays, the Company can be proud of very important works, cooperating with  Firms and Multinationals well-known all over the world.

Qualità Certificata
Progetti completati

Our Clients

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